„The Global Standard in Bank Treasury Risk Management”

Founded by Professor Moorad Choudhry.

The 22 week long, benchmark certificate in Bank Treasury & ALM is coming this October from the World Business Strategies Ltd group.

Start Date: Wednesday 15th October 2014



  • 1 live lecture per week over 19 weeks in London, 2.5 hour lecture (streamed live globally).
  • Assignment after week 12 (30% of marks)
  • Examination in week 20, (70% of marks)
  • Course length 22 weeks


  • Central London
  • Streamed live Globally


  • There is no current professional qualification for Treasury ALM and liquidity
  • BTRM would be the first such robust graduate-level professional qualification, and would be universal: a subject of relevance to every bank in the world, regardless of business model.
  • Syllabus devised by someone with 25 years practitioner experience in banking and Treasury ALM
  • Part-time: qualify while working
  • Practical knowledge taught by practitioners
  • Continuous education (“Lifelong learning”)
  • Alumni network and recommendation
  • Access to faculty of senior bankers

Course Syllabus:

Syllabus designed by Professor Moorad Choudhry

The syllabus covers:

  • Principles of Bank ALM,
  • Liquidity Risk Management
  • Corporate governance
  • Capital and funding principles
  • Capital markets
  • Treasury operating models
  • The ALCO
  • These disciplines would be placed in a business model context (“Strategic ALM”).
  • The syllabus also covers the tools and policies required to ensure effective liquidity risk management including internal funding policies and term liquidity premium curve construction.


19 Lecture Weeks:

1. Asset-Liability Management I: strategic ALM and balance sheet management
2. Asset-Liability Management II: products, interest rates and FX
3. Treasury Target Operating Model and reporting line
4. ALM trading and hedging principles I
5. ALM trading and hedging II: Banking Book risk management
6. Capital market disciplines for Issuers
7. Constructing the bank internal funding curve
8. Asset-Liability Management III: The ALCO ToR
9. ALCO and sub-committee organisation and governance
10. Liquidity risk management I
11. Liquidity risk management II: risk metrics and limits
12. Liquidity risk management III: optimum liabilities strategy
13. Internal funds pricing and funding policies
14. Liquidity reporting and stress testing
15. Capital management I
16. Capital management II: capital strategy
17. Principles of policy documentation: liquidity and capital
18. Securitisation and balance sheet management
19. Investor relations and credit ratings


  • Treasury Senior Management
  • Heads of ALM / Money Markets
  • Asset-Liability Committee (ALCO) membership
  • Heads of Balance Sheet Management
  • Senior Risk Management
  • Liquidity Managers
  • Liquidity stress testing
  • Balance Sheet Managers and Funds Transfer Pricing
  • Treasury consultant
  • Regulators in the liquidity risk space
  • Policy analysts in central banks



Professor Moorad Choudhry is at the Department of Mathematical Sciences, Brunel University. He was most recently IPO Treasurer at The Royal Bank of Scotland and Head of Treasury at RBS Corporate Banking. He is author of Bank Asset and Liability Management and The Principles of Banking, both published by John Wiley & Sons (Asia) Ltd. Moorad is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Securities & Investments, on the Board of Governors of IFS-University College and a GARP FRM. He is Editor of the Review of Financial Markets and on the Editorial Advisory Board of American Securitization and the Journal of Structured Finance.

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